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Unser Flip-Flop-Fellnasen-Desaster | KENSONS for dogs

Our flip-flop furry nose disaster

KENSONS for dogs, dein Retrieverleinen-Spezialist, Unser Flip-Flop-Fellnasen-Desaster, ihr kennt das doch auch oder?

Now I have to ask you something: Do you also have a flip-flop dog disaster? So we have one here. A massive one in fact!

Well, here's the thing: It's summer now, nice and warm outside and I can finally slip into my flip-flops in the morning to roam the field with my two pacifiers. It's one thing that my feet look like hell afterwards, are totally dusty, put on some green stuff to come home with me and the nail polish has a fine new matt layer - that's one thing - the shower will fix it.

But: at least once a month I come home with just one flip or flop!

Because the other one is gone! And why?! Because one of my dogs once again smacked on my back so hard that it ripped off! 🐾

I really hope for your encouragement now — so that one or the other of you also knows that, otherwise I have to doubt my dogs! Or me?

I find it very funny. If I wear shoes other than flip-flops, I don't notice that a paw is touching me. So why are they hitting flip flops with their paws??? A paw like that isn't that big, and neither is the surface of the flip-flop?! You have to be able to hit that first...

It's a mystery to me. I'm already thinking about doing a study on it. In fact, we've always had this flip-flop problem. At first I thought it was just a Pennie quirk. But now my little Mabel has been in our pack for the second summer and: she taps my flip-flops just as perfectly as Pennie!

Always on the way back from the field - on the narrow path - I leash mine both Schnuggis again and they have to run behind me. Make them really nice too. And no, I don't have them on a short guide so that they have to be glued to my calf - the lines are very long. And from there it starts. Every few steps someone steps on my flip-flop, until at some point one tears.

Actually, I'm almost still waiting for it to lie down...
So please: Can I find fellow sufferers here or is the KENSONS team an exclusive one-off?ッ

Or do you think that's on purpose and something like a fun challenge from my two?

You guys have a wonderful weekend - I'm going to go buy flip-flops now...

Your Andrea with Pennie & Mabel

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