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One of mine grew up with dogs...

...with Pekingese; which were so snuggly, cuddly, tear-drying, joy-dividers and also ideal as a neck roll - for children, of course!ツ

In 1998 my first own dog completely changed my life

Benson, a 9 week old golden retriever. Such a great guy who, as a first-time dog owner, posed some challenges for me, but at the same time made it very easy for me. He accompanied me at all times, even to work in the office. In our free time we were in clubs and let off steam with dummy work. He taught me a lot - in terms of dog training, dog language, that no human being can give what a dog is able to give - and I learned a lot about myself. Oh, he was such a sweetheart, my heart dog. He was 14.5 years old and I still miss him terribly.

Benson von KENSONS for dogs - dein Retrieverleinen-Experte

At the end of 2010 I quit my job as an executive assistant and added a sweet, messy black Labbi to my pack: Pennie! This 10-week-old whirlwind needed not only a good deal of education, but also new equipment of its own (to date we only have half a door frame in the kitchen, believe it or not, 3 pairs of glasses ended with this world, I found the liquid content of a green rollerball on my couch again and in the first 6 months we could have taken a second job as a document shredder)! And that wasn't - without crap - all this cute chaos bee did.

Pennie von KENSONS for dogs - dein Retrieverleinen-Experte

Because I made my retriever leashes and training leashes myself right from the start, I was now able to go all out with a bitch - all girls - and really let myself go with pink, pink, red and multicolored. Something I obviously didn't do to my Benson as a male.ツ

Our shop kensons.de has been around since the beginning of 2011 with the wonderful dog beds that I created and had sewn. The little beds were not only a big success in Germany, which to be honest made me as proud as Bolle! In the middle of 2011 I expanded our range with retriever leashes, shoulder leashes, show leashes, whistle straps, etc., which are specially made after the order has been received with passion and care.

Benson und Pennie von KENSONS for dogs - dein Retrieverleinen-Experte

And then something happened that I hadn't expected at all: the cots were overtaken by the lines from behind! After umpteen sleepless nights, pondering, arithmetic and consulting with friends, I then made the difficult decision to stop the dog bed business and concentrate only on the leashes.
As sad as I was about the decision and I am still asking today to the little beds, success proved me right! The KENSONS for dogs leashes are now on the move all over the world. And not just for retrievers! On the contrary! In Hamburg a Chihuahua strolls along the Alster with a KENSONS for dogs retriever leash, in the Czech Republic a poodle and in the USA French bulldogs!

Each of our retriever leashes is carefully handcrafted only after the order has been received and is characterized by its safety, its appearance and the beautiful processed staghorn.

The retriever leash is not intended to discriminate against other breeds and is not meant to be racist, but um: cosmopolitan! Cross-breed! It is simply suitable for all sizes, colors, coats, noses - only the retriever people & hunter people invented that leash. That's why they're allowed to give her the name. Nevertheless, they are just one thing for all dog breeds: super practical!

I'm always looking for new awesome ropes, new ideas in making and creating.There is no end in sight...

Pennie von KENSONS for dogs - dein Retrieverleinen-Experte - 8mm dicke Retrieverleine mit Zugstopp aus Hirschhorn bordeaux

I am still happy about every single customer, every leash that I manufacture and pack with love and send into the world to its new owner

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