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Meine Läufigkeit – oder wie mein Frauchen sagt: 1 Woche kommen, 1 Woche stehen, 1 Woche gehen. | KENSONS for dogs

My heat - or as my mistress says: 1 week come, 1 week stand, 1 week go.

Do you perhaps know the spell? My mistress is sometimes confused... so often... I swear, really often! Well, and so even with Pennie, my big sister, when she came into heat, she didn't really notice how long our dolly days last. Until a breeder friend of mine came up with the saying:

Come 1 week, stay 1 week, go 1 week! It works with this mnemonic!

And now it's that time again! For three days I've been bleeding a little again, I'm more clingy and cuddly than usual, so I'm no longer lying next to my mistress, but on top of it and I've matured my suffering look! And whoa, imagine: I can almost pee like a guy in that time! Bite up one rear leg, or run while peeing - also cool to distribute my scent really well and to get all the boys next door on their toes

So in plain language: in the first week everything is still so-so. The next week will be really bad! I'm only allowed to go out with a leash, only to play with Pennie and all of that on remote meadows where we never never meet another dog buddy anyway!

Like I'm a leper! That's when I really get in the mood! But Mum will get that back.

In the middle of the night I start to howl a little - I saw it in a report about wolves - I'm still practicing, but I'm getting better and better! Incidentally, such a second week of heat also has an effect on the ears! Really - I can't really explain it to myself either, but when I was allowed to walk without a leash then I couldn't hear Mama's calls and whistles at all. Funny right?

But my mistress also says that I look different when standing still (standing heat) as soon as a handsome boy is nearby. So with the tail to the side - I then show that I'm ready to mate! Yeah! But I'm not allowed to...
And then I bleed a little differently - the blood becomes lighter, so watery, very light pink. Before it was all dark red.

After the second week my mistress is a little more relaxed and I hardly bleed anymore - then I can go out on the normal meadow again - albeit still on a leash. Moaaaaah, annoying!!!
Well, at some point it will be over and everything will be nice again at home!

And because we really love our mistress, Pennie and I are now talking to each other! We're going to be in heat at the same time - nice, huh?ツ

It first started for me when I was 9.5 months old. It is said that we bitches are between 6 and 12 months old when we come into heat for the first time. So it depends on the breed, too, when we're fully grown. But exceptions confirm the rule and we are all always our own type. It can therefore happen that a colleague does not come into heat for the first time until she is 1.5 years old. And then we do the scoop about every 7 months!

Sometimes a bit annoying, but hey, I swear to you, there are worse things! Are neutered or sterilized z. B. – I know there are different opinions and I definitely don’t want to start a discussion here – but thank God my mum and I agree on that!

Nothing there! It's our nature and we let it go. So drip... hehe...

Preferably on Mama's parquet floor. But that's not so bad now. When I first came into heat, I was a little confused as to what was going on, but I had my big sister Pennie! She showed me what to do. She's sooo nice, she still cleans me now and then, even though I've learned to keep myself nice and clean now, so my mum doesn't have to do extra cleaning.She knows I hate that thing about those cute panties!

There are extra blankets on the couch and in our dog basket, which then regularly disappear into the washing machine and otherwise everything is the same here. We're cool girls and not mimics - we'll rock the 3 weeks together! But if I have to put on panties like that because visitors are coming (we have to do it a little more delicately - not everyone is as casual as my mum), then it's a really smart piece! And because the parts in there that can be bought later are a real rip-off, my mum always goes to the drugstore to buy pads for big, two-legged girls and cuts them up for me! Great idea right?

When I'm in a good mood and want to tease my mistress, I just take off my panties and proudly drape them in the middle of the hallway.

The way she always looks - hihi! I'll do a hell of a thing and tell her how I always manage

The three weeks are over quicker than I thought and I can play around with my male buddies again! Until the next heat

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