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Shoulder leash / hunting leash 'Hands-Free' | 10mm | sporty

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'Hands Free'

Do you know that? It doesn't matter which leash you have with you, it's either too long or too short?! Or are you missing the third hand again?!

With our shoulder leash you only need your two hands ツ Because our great 'hands-free' leash is easy to hang around! And exactly in the length that is perfect for YOU!

You don't hook the leash into prefabricated eyelets, which always give you fixed lengths - no - you can use the integrated Hirschhorn slider to adjust the leash to the centimeter for you. Maybe so that your sweetheart has the freedom to walk on foot or, on the contrary, you make the leash a very long leash/retriever leash.
The latter is always incredibly practical when the weather is crappy, man doesn't want to grope in the grass, but the little shit still needs a few centimeters more for his business. know? you know! Did we know?ツ

Our 'hands-free' leash is available in two lengths. A length of 2.60 m has proven to be optimal for the two-legged girls and 2.80 m for the two-legged boys. Of course, we can also make a different length for you - at the same price!


  • Lash: 2.60m & 2.80m long or your desired length
  • rope thickness: 10mm
  • CONTINUOUSLY adjustable / to hang around your neck or as a long leash
  • incl. Stopper / stranglehold made of staghorn or using knots

With our 10mm retriever lines, a knot can also be used as a pull stop instead of the stag horn. Please contact us for this option - we will be happy to make your desired leash with a knot as a pull stop.

*For an order, you need to specify the options rope color and total length of the leash (incl. neck circumference).


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