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Retriever Leash 6mm Elegant | Little sister of the bordeaux-beige-grey trio

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The little sister of the big ones➪ Click here for the counterpart in 8mm thickness

Are you as decisive as we are?

We've starved to death while choosing food in a restaurant! And when buying shoes, the credit card burns up regularly - since we can never decide, we always buy at least two pairs at the same time.
Really a serious problem and almost impossible to get a grip on.

You can see that we suffer with it and have done our best: the 3-in-1 retriever leash!

1. Bordeaux
2. Beige
3. Gray

Well? Does it help?

Your advantages & facts:

  • Retriever leash made of 6 mm thick, high-quality rope
  • Infinitely adjustable and therefore suitable for every neck size
  • collar and leash in a
  • Lightweight, easy to store, strong, totally easy to handle
  • Train stopper and stopper made from real and stylish stag horn
  • Colour: bordeaux-beige-grey | Takling: Blue-grey (the beautiful winding egg) made of durable MicroCord (very thin, tear-resistant cord)
  • Handmade with lots of love - made in Germany

You need a different rigging because otherwise the outfit doesn't fit 100%? Logo! Do we know! Therefore: Let's do!

Just send us an email with your wishes to Doesn't cost anything extra either

For a couple of given reasons we need to get rid of the following again:

With a retriever leash, the specified leash length (i.e. the length you order from us) refers to the Total length of the retriever leash from the end of the wrist strap to the thimble (that's that teardrop-shaped, silvery piece of metal). So you have to measure your dog's neck circumference and subtract it from the total leash length. This will then be the leading length of your leash from your Schnuffi's neck to your hand. See also our pictorial explanation.

Did you know? Yes good! But a 'Maaann, I've known that for a long time' is good for everyone, isn't it?

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time by e-mail at or by phone at +49 2 21 / 50 60 650.

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