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Antler snack 'Horn on a rope' - with 3 pieces of horn

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YUMMY DELICIOUS deer horn on a rope!

With this cotton rope, on which three rod pieces of red or fallow deer are incorporated, you will become the hero of your four-legged Schnuffi!

Your dog will love this nibble fun and you can be sure that you are giving him something really healthy and even useful and meaningful for his teeth.

Facts, facts, facts:

  • Natural colored cord (8mm diameter) made of 100% cotton
  • THREE rod pieces
  • 100% natural composition
  • immediate nibbling fun, because the dog can get the delicious soft marrow right away
  • Satisfies the dog's natural urge to chew
  • without artificial colors or flavors
  • without preservatives
  • natural "toothbrush" for the dog teeth
  • strengthens the masticatory muscles
  • Rich in minerals and trace elements
  • no harmful additives
  • smell attractive to the dog
  • does not soften as much as usual chews
  • longer chewing pleasure than with e.g. B. dried meat chews
  • pure, sustainable natural product

No animal is killed for our chews. The red deer sheds its antlers once a year and thus provides us with this wonderful raw material voluntarily.

Bone material consists of about 25% organic compounds. They represent the basic structure to which inorganic materials are attached in order to give the bone its strength and stability.

They make up about 55 to 60% and consist mainly of calcium compounds such as calcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, calcium fluoride, calcium chloride, but also magnesium phosphate. This means that the elements calcium (65%), phosphorus (30%) and magnesium (2%) are the main mineral components of bones.

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